Thursday, January 26, 2012

Xarintep Excursion

Day 0: Well, I've managed to finally get the portal generator up and running. Dear gods was it a pain in the ass to make, but hopefully the trip will make things worth it if it doesn't end up killing me. I've written up a last will and testament, just in case, and written goodbyes to everyone that mattered. I've packed a decent kit: medical supplies, clothing, food and water, traveling and camping gear, a couple knives and my grandfather's swords. I won't be bringing anything electronic with me, aside from a filched taser, because of possible ramifications. Similarly, anything not essential will be left behind. With any luck this return device will actually work, but Murphy's calculator is showing a 43% chance of it screwing up at least once. Well, no sense putting it off. I guess I'm supposed to say something witty but I'm drawing a blank. Cheers.

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