Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Xarintep Excursion 7

Day 6: I've started learning Solijan, if only to help integrate myself with the local populace. They seem like my best bet, at the moment, and far more willing to teach me than the Korbin soldiers. It's kind of strange, the more I work here the more I want to stay here. I guess it's because I know I have a way home if things ever get to be too much. Tomorrow's payday, so I can finally get Julio (the innkeeper) off my ass.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Xarintep Excursion 6

Day 4: Heard about another bloody battle between the Navy and Pirates not to far off the coast. I know more than anyone about what's going on; I created the damned war, but the realization that I've screw over tens of thousands of people is just now starting to sink in. I think it finally clicked somewhere around the time I saw my first bloated corpse dressed in Korbin Naval Fatigues wash up on shore. I didn't have the stomach to rifle through his pockets; I guess I retain some standards.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Xarintep Excursion 5

Day 2: Ugh, one night and I already miss my own bed. Well, it's better than sleeping on the floor or in the streets. God knows I got enough of that on my last vacation. And like all trips, it takes a bit to get used to everything... Like goddamn outhouses and the food. I'm saving the food I brought for when I travel and go adventuring, though I am tempted to take it over this crap. Ah well, can't be helped. Another day, another Scepter.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Xarintep Excursion 4

Day 1-3: I was fortunate enough to run across a shopkeeper that needed some help keeping his place clean and merchandise organized. It's like being back at Walmart again, all things considered.  It seems that, like Walmart, this store has something for everyone and by everyone I mean adventurers. I know I used to joke about every adventurer just being a mentally ill murder-hobo, but apparently it's true. I have never seen a more eclectic patchwork of equipment and people in my life. While yes, there are some with matching outfits, legitimate reasons for adventuring, etc. there are far more who look like they're in they are in the middle of leveling on WoW. Regardless, the job pays and I've found an inn in town that rents rooms for cheap. I don't have much spare change, but it'll last me. I'll see what I can do about earning a bit more on the side.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Xarintep Excursion 3

Day 1-2: By the grace of god, I'm in the Solijo Isles. One of the better places to land if I didn't detest the beach so much. Ugh, this is going to be grating. My personal annoyance aside, I find myself in the town of Tapatio on the island Mondgestein. Notice the difference in language? Apparently languages here follow the almighty law of stereotypes. The natives Solijans, as I've taken to calling them, speak Spanish. Not Mexican-Spanish; Spanish-Spanish. The Korbinese, on the other hand, speak German. Man, Germans don't get a break in any universe do they? It seems like I've lucked out landing here, though, as it's one of the islands that's currently not undergoing gurellia warfare. Thankfully, everyone speaks almost-perfect English, or Common as it's known here. Knowing my luck, there's going to be a regional language and a racial language for every race. This is going to be interesting.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Xarintep Excursion 2

Day 1: That was a *bitch*. I seriously have no word to describe how much of a pain in the brain trans-dimentional travel is, especially when it's ripping the cosmology from your head. The good news is that I have a secured channel back home, the bad news is that if I ever lose or damage the return device I'm up shit creek without a paddle. Where I've landed is, at least, hospitable; it must have been a field of long grass. My entry was apparently quite explosive if the surrounding landscape is anything to go by; most of it has turned to so much ash from the fires. It looks to be about early morning and I have to say there's a definite change in the air from back home. I've been scouting the surrounding landscape for an hour and I still don't have a trace of a sunburn. I suppose that's from the ozone layer not being the equivalent of Swiss cheese, and the air is so alien it's making me sick. I guess when you're so used to toxins anything else seems utterly wrong. That, or the heavy stench of the sea is throwing me off. In any case, I've found a well-travelled path not too far away that looks like it leads to a town. Hopefully I can find out where I am.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Xarintep Excursion

Day 0: Well, I've managed to finally get the portal generator up and running. Dear gods was it a pain in the ass to make, but hopefully the trip will make things worth it if it doesn't end up killing me. I've written up a last will and testament, just in case, and written goodbyes to everyone that mattered. I've packed a decent kit: medical supplies, clothing, food and water, traveling and camping gear, a couple knives and my grandfather's swords. I won't be bringing anything electronic with me, aside from a filched taser, because of possible ramifications. Similarly, anything not essential will be left behind. With any luck this return device will actually work, but Murphy's calculator is showing a 43% chance of it screwing up at least once. Well, no sense putting it off. I guess I'm supposed to say something witty but I'm drawing a blank. Cheers.