Friday, January 27, 2012

Xarintep Excursion 2

Day 1: That was a *bitch*. I seriously have no word to describe how much of a pain in the brain trans-dimentional travel is, especially when it's ripping the cosmology from your head. The good news is that I have a secured channel back home, the bad news is that if I ever lose or damage the return device I'm up shit creek without a paddle. Where I've landed is, at least, hospitable; it must have been a field of long grass. My entry was apparently quite explosive if the surrounding landscape is anything to go by; most of it has turned to so much ash from the fires. It looks to be about early morning and I have to say there's a definite change in the air from back home. I've been scouting the surrounding landscape for an hour and I still don't have a trace of a sunburn. I suppose that's from the ozone layer not being the equivalent of Swiss cheese, and the air is so alien it's making me sick. I guess when you're so used to toxins anything else seems utterly wrong. That, or the heavy stench of the sea is throwing me off. In any case, I've found a well-travelled path not too far away that looks like it leads to a town. Hopefully I can find out where I am.

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