Sunday, January 29, 2012

Xarintep Excursion 4

Day 1-3: I was fortunate enough to run across a shopkeeper that needed some help keeping his place clean and merchandise organized. It's like being back at Walmart again, all things considered.  It seems that, like Walmart, this store has something for everyone and by everyone I mean adventurers. I know I used to joke about every adventurer just being a mentally ill murder-hobo, but apparently it's true. I have never seen a more eclectic patchwork of equipment and people in my life. While yes, there are some with matching outfits, legitimate reasons for adventuring, etc. there are far more who look like they're in they are in the middle of leveling on WoW. Regardless, the job pays and I've found an inn in town that rents rooms for cheap. I don't have much spare change, but it'll last me. I'll see what I can do about earning a bit more on the side.

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