Thursday, September 2, 2010

Idiots, One and All

This next post is very important so I want you all to read it carefully; it'll help you out immensely in life. It is a fact of life that humans are programmed to notice flaws in others far quicker and more readily than noticing flaws within their own character. This is because humans, over a period of thousands of years, have developed in self-centered selfish little pricks who have the 'kill or be killed' instinct so ingrained that it influences every your every little decision and action. How do I know all of this? It's because I still regress into outcast-mode even though I know better.

As stated before, people are programmed to see the flaws of others first before looking inward at themselves. It is a never-ending cycle of nastiness and heartbreak that few are willing to break. We grow up learning the golden rule and believing that if we're nice to other people that they will be nice to us in return. Then that illusion is violently broken again and again due to the sheer ugliness that runs rampant in the world ranging from childhood bullies to a serial killer's rampage. So we grow up bitter and guarded, finding it easier to be rude and like everyone else than to stand out and be kind. Why put yourself through that kind of hurt over and over when you see every day just how horrible people can be to each other?

This is yet another of today's countless problems that seemingly no one wants to fix. We all say we want everyone to be friendly to each other and want to work towards a better society where kids can play in the streets again and no one is afraid to walk the streets at night... but do we ever do anything about it? No. Humanity is a selfish creature and we never want to give something if we're not sure we'll get something back in return. No one wants to be nice to everyone they meet because more likely than not, the other person will either be rude or dismissive of them. Why try if nobody is going to cooperate? The fear of rejection is just as powerful a deterrent as hostility or rudeness. When you sit back and think about how bad our society has gotten for a moment; it can almost be to much to handle.

This, personally, is why I consider humanity (as a whole) to be the stupidest creature in existence. Many would argue and say that our ability to think and feel emotion makes us smarter than any other creature found in history, but all of that is useless if we use it to destroy others of our species. Think about if for a moment, what other animal actively seeks out to destroy its own kind because the other doesn't agree with it on something? What other animal will kill another, not because it's hungry, but just because it can? What other animal has the capacity for good and evil as we do? What other animal would destroy the land around it to make itself more comfortable? What other animal would share it's food and shelter with a sick/dying animal? What other animal would risk it's life to save another of it's kind from imminent death? What other animal would come to the aid of another in a fight that did not concern it?

What other animal has the capacity for good and evil as we do? We have the ability and resources to save countless other of our kind and improve their standard of living and yet we'd rather spend it on creature comforts and frivolous things like suing one another because of minor disagreements and infractions. When the chips are down, however, we show an amazing capacity for comradeship and unity far outshining any pack bond found in nature. This is why I consider humanity a stupid creature; a stupid creature with the capacity to learn.

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