Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Beating the System

Do you remember the days where the American Dream actually meant something? It seems that as time passes people turn more and more towards underhanded and subversive techniques in lieu of proper channels and procedures. In some cases this can be a good thing (such as cutting out bureaucracy) but most often it's the everyday person trying to beat the system... but why do it? Why devote precious time to creating a way to scam coin-machines? Why shoplift an item you can afford to buy? Why would you even consider embezzling money from a company you work for? It's because we live in a system that's designed to grind the last dime out of you if you're not smart.

There are many, many sites on the web which will teach you the more mainstreamed (and decriminalized) offenses that, if caught, won't get you more than a slap on the wrist. Things such as how to hop fences, how to pick locks and even how to make your own coupons. There is no end to the amount of instructional videos, pictures and web pages that are available to you if you know where to look. The problem is that as the world changes, these skills are needed more and more to get around redundant, outdated and inexcusably bad legislature. While I do admit that there are some very strict limits that shouldn't be crossed, the material available usually falls within 'acceptable' limits. However, as I mentioned in my first post, you can literally find anything on the internet from how to make homemade guns and explosives to a guidebook on poisons and assassination techniques. (I would post links but I'm on enough government watch lists as it is. *grins*)

Why are all of these things available online when it's known for a fact that most (if not all) of these are illegal in whatever part of the world you live in? It is because the internet is not owned by one company or one nation or even one person; it is one of the last truly lawless areas in modern society. It is a place where the everyman can go and be, do and say nearly anything he wants to without fear or reprisal; why do you think I write this blog? Do you think anyone is going to condemn me for anything I say on the internet?

Back to the point, these scams and shortcuts serve two purposes in my opinion. The first is to stay a step ahead of the system; the problem is that once you start outrunning the system you have to stay ahead of it or the consequences will be far more dire than if you stayed in step. The second reason is to fulfill that adrenaline-seeking rush that we all need, whether it's racing full speed downhill on a bicycle or taking a five finger discount on a few snacks from a convenience store. The problem with this reason is that eventually the thrill will become mundane and will need a bigger and bigger 'score' to feel the same rush; an addiction to theft runs parallel to an addiction to drugs. That's not to say that all of these things are illegal or even theft. A lot of it is restricted knowledge that not many 'normal' people would know about; the hopping fences link from earlier is a great example. Though, I can see why some people don't feel bad at all about their crimes...

There are those of us who think that the government is benign and only wish to help it's people continue to live as freely as possible. There are those who think otherwise as well. In any case, it is up to the people to decide what is right for them and how to go about their lives and for many... well, a few shortcuts never hurt.

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